Speaker Profiles


We cannot wait to see everyone in July, but since we must wait patiently, here is a look at each of the conference speakers. Feel free to email napclarkbibleconference@gmail.com with questions or comments.

J.B. Bond
Senior Pastor, Stillwater Bible

A native of Meridian, Mississippi, J.B. attended Delta State University earning a B.S.E. and an M.A. in Education. From 1973 to 1980, J.B. was on the coaching staff at Mississippi State. He left Mississippi State in 1981 to attend Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) earning a Masters in Theology. During his time at DTS, J.B. served as assistant pastor at Faith Covenant Church in Borger, Texas. After graduating from DTS in 1985, he accepted the offer to become the first full time pastor at Countryside Baptist Church in Stillwater where he served for 27 years.

For more informatio, visit the Stillwater Bible website.

Dick Hill
Director, Glimpses of Grace
Pastor, McCool Baptist Church

With nearly four decades in the pastoral ministry, Dick Hill serves as director of Glimpses of Grace and pastor of McCool Baptist Church.  Responding to assaults on the character of Jesus Christ lie at the heart of Hill’s presentation of Biblical truth.  Glimpses of Grace was organized in 1994 to assist local churches in equipping believers in Jesus Christ to do the work of ministry. 


For more information, visit the Glimpses of Grace website.




Ken Sheppard

Ken is from Mobile, AL and is a graduate of Mississippi College, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Delta State University and did graduate studies at Reformed Theological Seminary.  He and Billie have been married 50 years (!) this November. They have two children, Shannon Dawson and Kenneth Sheppard, Jr and eight of the greatest grandchildren in the world.


He pastored in AL, MS and TX for nearly 40 years and has served with Master’s Men in Dallas for the past 8 years.  The Lord brought Nap Clark into his life shortly after he trusted Christ at the age of 15.  He quickly became a big brother to Ken and blessed his life immeasurably.  Nap, Wayne Neal and Ken founded Ichthus Camp together in the mid 60’s.  


Danny Forrest

Danny has been married to Diana for 39 years.  Together they have two children - Debbie and Daniel, and one granddaughter named Sarah.

He is a graduate of Delta State University, 1970, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, 1973, and Dallas Theological Seminary, 1981.  Danny put his trust in Jesus Christ in 1967 while attending Delta State.  Instrumental in leading Danny to Christ was Bill Buckner, quarterback on the football team and roommate Bubba Davis.

Danny has served the Lord for 48 years as youth minister, Bible teacher, elder, pastor, and speaker at various churches and ministry organizations in Mississippi, Dallas, and Houston, Texas.

Danny continues to be involved in several businesses in Houston including Advantage Security Integration (www.asihouston.com ); Eyeforce - Remote Guarding Solutions(www.eyeforce.com )

Glenn Miller

Read Glenn Miller's bio here:  ChristianThinkTank.com

Butch Simmons
Pastor, Pine Bluff Baptist

Saved under Nap’s ministry in November 1973 (led to Christ by Don Dudley), Butch considers his ministry years beginning in 1975. An Ephesians 4 pastor/teacher, he has found himself serving (among other roles) as a martial arts instructor, a physical education teacher, a church custodian, a junior high science teacher, a high school baseball coach, a school administrator, a marriage counselor, and a local church pastor.


Since 1982 Butch’s focus in ministry has been one-on-one discipleship with young men, and particularly with college students since 1998. Butch and Susan married in January of 1975, have two children, Josh (Amanda) in Edmond, OK and Hannah (Wade) in Starkville, and five grandchildren (Plus ten other ‘step’ children over the years).


For the last almost three years they have been in ministry to and with the fine folks at Pine Bluff Baptist (Nap pastored Pine Bluff for twenty-one years). To the question of ministry success, Butch replies, “To the degree that God has used me to influence others to become passionate in their pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word – I would call that success.”

Wendy Mahill
Director, Passionate Heart Ministry

Wendy J. Mahill is a member of American Association of Christian Counselors, a lay counselor at Riverlakes Community Church in Bakersfield, California, and the director of the Passionate Heart Ministry, which provides support groups for women who have survived childhood sexual abuse and women who struggle with eating disorders, emotional issues, and/or dysfunctional relationships.  She has written two books Growing A Courageous Heart and Embracing a Feeling Heart and has Co-authored two books Growing a Passionate Heart and Loving from a Pure Heart.


She and her husband Joel have been married for forty-one years and reside in Bakersfield, California. They have five grown children and six grandchildren who have nicknamed her "Jam."


For more information, please see www.passionateheartministry.com, www.wendymahill.com, and www.RiverLakeschurch.org

Keith Jeffries

Keith Jeffries biography will be updated shortly.

Kenny Hodges
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church

Kenny is a graduate of Mississippi State University and Dallas Theological Seminary.  He has been associated with Emmanuel since the early 1970’s as a student at MSU.  For 19 years he served as leader of the music ministry and was involved in the church education program.  He has served as pastor/teacher since 2005.  Kenny and his wife Kaye have been married for 30 years and have two children, Holly and Joe Warner.

Bum Lee
Director, Business Development


I grew up in Starkville and graduated from Miss State. In 1982 I moved to Little Rock, AR where I spent my professional life in financial services IT sales and sales mgt. Presently, I am part of the sales and marketing group for a global payment services company. I am married to the love of my life, Pascal, who daily teaches me what it means to trust in God.  I have 3 Christian sons; Stephen, a musician in Nashville; Mark, a businessman and a Jiujutsu practitioner in Atlanta; and Jake, soon to be a senior in high school and a terrific trumpet player. 


In 1975 Butch Simmons, my karate instructor, asked me to a Bible Study where I met Nap. He wouldn’t let me get away and told me about Jesus and of His unconditional grace.  I started going to Emmanuel where he taught. Yet, it took almost a year before I placed my faith in Jesus during which period Nap never tired of my inane questions and idiotic comments. Even after I left Starkville, he was still my surrogate father whom I sought in times of trouble. He never turned me away regardless of the situation or the mistakes I made. However, to me, his most notable trait was his undiminishing zeal in sharing the Gospel with anyone and everyone he met. Even today, I can almost hear him say, “Can I show you something?”….

Owen Riddick
Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church

Owen was saved from an immoral life as a bartender and studied under Nap for six years at Emmanuel. He met his wife through Emmanuel and was called to preach and teach there. He attended Dallas Theological  Seminary and Southwestern Seminary. He has been in the ministry for 29 years and has served 7 churches in Mississippi and Texas. He and Barbara live in Oxford.

Dennis Smithey

Dennis Smithey's biography will be updated shortly.